The Knowledge Test

images_figures_03fig06The private-pilot knowledge test is a computerized test covering aerodynamics, airspace, aeromedical issues, regulations, navigation, and weather topics. You have 90 minutes to complete the test. Attempt to answer all of them in one hour and leave the final half hour to work on any questions you didn’t feel as comfortable answering the first time through.

A passing score is 70 percent correct answers. You should go for a higher score just to be sure. One hundred percent is achievable. Here are some tips:

  • Your ground or flight instructor must endorse your logbook before you can take the knowledge test.
Wing Tips

If you don’t yet have a flight instructor before you take your knowledge test you can get your ground-school instructor to endorse your logbook. Some multimedia ground schools also will endorse you if you send them sample tests you have passed.

  • Review all study materials and take sample or practice tests just prior to your knowledge test appointment.
  • Make sure you take photo identification with you when you take the test.
  • You will have approximately 1-1/2 hours to complete the test and you will receive your score immediately after completion.
  • All questions have equal value so answer the easier ones first.
  • Read and answer each question in your mind before looking at the multiple-choice answers provided on the test.
  • Remember that your first answer is usually the best.
  • Read all notes and footnotes on any example figure in the test because they can hold clues to the answers to the question you’re on, or other questions later on.
  • You may bring an E6B slide computer or calculator and a plotter to the test, but no other aids. If you use an E6B electronic calculator you probably will be asked to remove the batteries for a minute then reinstall them to clear its memory.
  • Relax! You can always take the test again if you don’t get a passing score this time.

There are numerous excellent ground schools and computerized courses to help you pass your knowledge test.