ATEC Zephyr

ATEC Zephyr

A popular EU entry is the ATEC Zephyr, designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. The Zephyr is a low-wing, side-by-side, tricycle gear LSA with a T-tail (elevators at the top of the tail). The speeds and flight specifications are similar to other LSAs.

What’s different about the Zephyr is that it uses carbon fiber construction to be more streamlined. Also, it has a very high glide ratio: 16:1. Many small planes have a glide ratio of about 9:1, meaning they will glide for 9 miles for every 1 mile they are above ground level (AGL).

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The North American distributor of the ATEC Zephyr is ATEC Aviation, 15526-95A Ave., Surrey, BC (Canada) V3R 7S7. Phone: 604-581-0041. Website:

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