Club Questions

Before you head off to join the first flying club you run across, here are some questions to ask yourself and the prospective club:

  • What flying clubs are within an hour of my home?
  • Where do they operate?
  • Are they independent or dealer affiliated?
  • Are the clubs shareholder or leaseback?
  • How many members belong to the clubs?
  • What type of planes does the club have?
  • What aircraft will be available to you?
  • Who handles maintenance and how often?
  • What is the overall condition of the aircraft?
  • Do I know any of the members? What do they like/dislike about the club?
  • What is the initiation fee?
  • What are the monthly membership dues?
  • What are the hourly rental fees?
  • Do rental fees include fuel and insurance?
  • If I decide to leave the club, may I sell my share? How?
  • What will this club require from me?
  • Are there many new or student pilots among the membership?
  • How long has this club been in operation?
  • Who are the club’s officers?
  • Are memberships available or is there a waiting list?
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If you’re interested in starting your own flying club, get a copy of Advisory Circular 00.25, Forming and Operating a Flying Club, published by the FAA. Computer software packages available are for managing flying clubs.

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