Cut the Costs of Owning an Airplane

If your own a small general aviation aircraft you know that ownership, maintenance and repairs can be expensive. Fortunately, many smart aviators have learned how to reduce the costs of owner-flown aircraft. So can you!

This website is a new resource for pilots who own their wings and want to save money safely! As it grows, this site will include information on what you can and cannot do legally to maintain your aircraft as well as how to determine whether the A&P’s maintenance list is all really necessary — or just the mechanic’s wish list. You’ll also learn how to decide between repairing, rebuilding, overhauling, or replacing parts and components of your aircraft — and when. To learn more, just click on any of the menu topics, above.

Number of Take-Offs Equals Number of Landings (Hopefully)
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These topics help you keep down the costs of going up. Bookmark (Ctrl-D) this website and return often as we add new information, articles and resources that can help you maintain your personal aircraft safely and economically.

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
-- Andre Gide

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