Flying Light-Sport Aircraft

Flying Light-Sport Aircraft

In 2004, the lackluster sales of private aircraft was boosted by the introduction of a new type of pleasure planes: Light-Sport Aircraft. It was part of the new Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft (SP/LSA) rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Eight years later, more than 80 aircraft manufacturers offer 124 ASTM-certified Light-Sport Aircraft models in a wide variety of configurations and price ranges. LSA is here to stay! is your guide to Light-Sport Aircraft: what they are, how to select and buy, how to maintain, and how to keep costs down. They are not your father's airplanes. They are newer, lighter, wider, faster, more efficient, and a lot of fun to fly!

This website is presented in a very logical structure to make it easy to find things when you need them. Let's take a closer look at each section.

REQUIREMENTS introduces you to the recent FAA rule changes that dramatically enhance private aviation. You'll discover what makes up a light-sport aircraft and why.

AIRCRAFT focuses on how to select, fund, and share a sport plane that fits both your flying needs and your pocketbook. You'll discover ways of saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars as you discover the thrill of becoming "pilot in command" of one of many types of aircraft that a sport pilot may fly.

MAINTENANCE shows you what you can and cannot do in maintaining your aircraft -- including how to become a licensed LSA Repairman.

COSTS help calculate the expenses of sport flying as well as how to keep them to a minimum while still enjoying a safe light-sport airplane.

SPORT FLYING redirects you to, our sister-site that focuses on the new Sport Pilot certificate including REQUIREMENTS, INSTRUCTION, and ways you can enjoy SPORT FLYING.

Along the way, practical sidebars show you the safe and smart way to do things, define words and terms you might not be familiar with, point out any dangers or pitfalls, and give you other bits of helpful information.

Wing Tips

Here are some valuable tips from pilots, manufacturers, officials, and other aviation folks on how to get the most from your flying experience, as well as other related information you need to know.

Flying Words

What does that mean? Here you'll find a concise definition of important flying terms in context. Also check the Glossary for more definitions to make things clearer.

Stall Warning!

Sport planes are safe -- if you pay attention! Here's how to fly safely and keep others safe as you discover the many thrills of sport flying.

Knowledge Test

You knew there would be a test! As appropriate, this site includes concise tips specifically aimed at helping you pass your FAA sport-pilot knowledge and practical tests. You'll ace it, ace!

Let this website be your guide to safe and affordable light-sport aircraft. Fly safe!