Flying on a Budget

Flying on a Budget

"Mooney four-four Victor departing runway two-six."

My friend Dick Williamson pushed in the throttle and we began rolling down the asphalt ribbon. The small plane bounced lightly in its effort to break the bonds of earth and climb into the sky. The speed built: 45...50...55...60...65..., and then the 2500-pound plane obeyed the laws of physics and swifty lifted off the runway.

At that moment I knew I wanted to fly!

The problem I saw was that you had to be rich to be a pilot. Planes cost $50,000 or more and required maintenance by $80-an-hour federally-licensed mechanics. Instruction for a private pilot license could cost as much as $10,000.

My dreams of flying crashed!

Then I turned to Dick and other pilots I knew to find out how someone with average income can earn a private pilot license and enjoy flying economically. Dick worked for the railroad. Other pilot-friends were small-business owners, homemakers, salespeople, and factory workers. How can they afford to fly? How did they earn their wings? How can they pay the high price of going up?

The results of my search is on this website with practical answers to those and dozens of other questions I have posed to hundreds of budget fliers. They smile as they talk about pleasure flying and partnerships, instrument ratings and instructors, fuel efficiency and flying clubs. They all came up with the right answers -- the answers that work for them. Their hope and mine is that you too can discover the thrill of flight through budget flying.

Don't get me wrong; flying isn't cheap. It can get very expensive if you let it...just like boating, motorcycles, classic cars, or any other recreational activity. However, by being a smart consumer, you can dramatically cut the costs of personal flying. I'll show you how on this free website. Just click on the topics above:

  • Budget Instruction for tips on how to reduce the costs of safe flight instruction.
  • Budget Aircraft on how to save money on your wings.
  • Flying on a Budget shows you how to keep down the ongoing costs of going up.
  • Budget Flying Books is your resource for learning more about consumer-smart aviation.

See you in the sky!