LSA Inspection

As with other general aviation aircraft, sport aircraft are required to have an annual inspection, also known as a condition inspection. You can hire an A&P mechanic, a certified LSA repairman, or you can get certified and do it yourself.

What’s required during the inspection? The aircraft manufacturer explains in the plane‚Äôs operating handbook what the annual inspection is to include. Typically, all operating components must be inspected for damage, wear, and fatigue. Some disassembly might be required depending on the craft’s design and whether the inspection process was considered when the plane was designed and built. For common inspections there might be a removable inspection plate at important inspection points, for example.

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What is required to earn an LSA repairman certificate for inspections, called the inspection rating? You must complete a 16-hour training course on the inspection requirements of the specific make and model of LSA you’ll be working on. In addition, you must be on the manufacturer’s contact list so you can be notified of any airworthiness directives or other documents that update owners on potential problems.

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