LSA Maintenance & Repair

You can do even more of your own maintenance and repair on LSAs if you’re willing to get some more training. To qualify for the LSA repairman certificate with a maintenance rating, you must complete an 80-hour training course on the maintenance requirements of the specific category of LSA you will maintain.

Becoming a certified LSA repairman with a maintenance rating not only allows you to inspect, maintain, and repair your own aircraft, you also can offer your services to other sport pilots. Yes, you can legally help pay for your flying by helping others! Just remember that you may work only on the category of plane you’re certified for, such as fixed wing, powered parachutes, powered hang gliders, and so on.

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Contact the FAA ( for additional information on requirements and certification for the new light-sport aircraft repairman certificates and authorizations. Kit and finished LSA manufacturers, too, can help you train for the repairman certification and ratings.

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