New LSAs

New LSAs

There's an amazing array of new light-sport aircraft in the marketplace. If LSA rules are so new, where did these aircraft come from? Good question!

Some of the new LSAs started life as kit planes, designed and manufactured so that amateur homebuilders could assemble them in 200 to 500 hours and fly them as experimental aircraft. During the three-year process of developing the LSA rules some of these kit-plane manufacturers decided to offer finished aircraft, completing the assembly themselves. Of course, the assembled craft are more expensive than kits, but they're still much less expensive than standard certified aircraft.

Murphy JDM-8 LSA

Europe has had what they call ultralight aircraft for a few years now. There are aircraft made in various EU (European Union) countries that fit in the new LSA category. Some manufacturers are making slight modifications to their design to make sure they fit into this new market. Here are some examples of new LSAs that actually have been around awhile.

Wing Tips

Light-sport aircraft is a brand new category of planes, official since September 1, 2004. Some of the model specifications will be modified during the first year and others, such as fuel capacity, can be selected by the buyer. Contact the LSA manufacturer for the latest specifications and options.