Passing the Test

Hopefully, when you land from your checkride there will be two certified pilots in your aircraft — the examiner and you! The examiner will tell you right then whether you passed or not.

The examiner will also give you a test debriefing after the flight, telling you what you need to work on. Few pilots get raving reviews from the examiner because examiners know that all pilots actually are student pilots, learning more skills as they learn to fly. If you listen carefully to your debriefing you will get sage advice from an experienced pilot on how you can fly safer and more efficiently in the future. If the examiner chooses to share this wisdom with you, don’t make excuses or defensive remarks. Instead, listen carefully and say “yes” and “thank you.”

Number of Take-Offs Equals Number of Landings (Hopefully)
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By the way, congratulations!

Passing the test makes you a certified sport pilot
Passing the test makes you a certified sport pilot
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