Pilot Groups

Pilot Groups

You've probably noticed that once you're involved in an activity you soon discover there are thousands of others enjoying it, too.

Whether you're collecting coins, climbing mountains, learning a new language, or discovering the latest form of self-abuse, you soon find other crazy folks who've been doing it for years.

Flying is no different.

There are about 600,000 licensed pilots in the U.S. and most belong to at least one pilot group.

Some belong to more than one national group as well as local chapters.

Most would love to meet you and share their knowledge. 

Meeting them will broaden your flying as well as your friendships. Here are some popular flying websites:

Aero Trader (aircraft for sale)
aircraftspruce.com (parts)
airnav.com (pilot resources)
aopa.org (organization)
aopa.org/flight_planner/ (flight planning)
asa2fly.com (publications)
astm.org (LSA construction)
aviation-consumer.com (buying assistance)
bydanjohnson.com (sport-pilot resource center)
chproducts.com (multimedia flying products)
duat.com (flight planning)
duats.com (flight planning)
eaa.org (organization)
embryriddle.edu (school)
faa.gov (Federal Aviation Administration)
ipilot.com (pilot knowledge)
jeppesen.com (training)
kingschools.com (training)
kitplanes.com (publication)
learntofly.com (training)
letsfly.org (cooperative)
myairplane.com (meeting place)
myfbo.com (software)
ninety-nines.org (women aviators)
pcaviator.com (computer flying)
sportpilot.org (organization)
sportpilots.com (additional resources)
sportys.com (supplies and training)
trade-a-plane.com (publication)
ultralight-aircraft.com (manufacturer)
usapilot.com (organization)
usua.org (organization)
vansaircraft.com (manufacturer)
wagaero.com (parts)
wheretofly.com (flight planning)
zenithair.com (manufacturer)