Zodiak XL

Type Certification

The Zodiac XL is a low-wing, side-by-side, light-sport aircraft with tricycle gear. It has a gross weight of 1,232 lbs. with an empty weight of 690 lbs., meaning you can pack it with 542 lbs. of pilot, passenger, fuel, luggage, and whatever. It has two 12-gallon fuel tanks for a range of about 600 miles excluding reserve. That's nearly 5 hours of flying. (Of course, you'll always make sure you have 30 to 60 minutes of fuel reserve—just in case.)

Takeoff and landing distances are important to many pilots who fly from shorter fields. The Zodiac XL has a takeoff roll of 490 ft., a landing distance of 500 ft., and a climb rate of 980 feet per minute (fpm). Specifications are with the 100-hp Rotax 912S engine. Alternately, the 110-hp Jabiru 3300 engine is available for about the same takeoff and landing specs and a climb rate of 1,245 fpm.

Zodiac XL LSA

The Zodiac XL and other LSAs are designed and built by Zenith Aircraft Co., Mexico Airport, PO Box 650, Mexico, MO 65265. Phone: 573-581-9000.

Wing Tips

Want to "fly" a Zodiac XL? Go to Zenith Aircraft's website and download configuration files to fly it using Microsoft Flight Simulator.